Serial Bootloaders


Brush Electronics Standard and Encrypted Serial Bootloaders for Microchip PIC18F, and PIC24/dsPIC33 families of Microcontrollers.

  • Variants for the PIC18F are available for the CCS PCH compiler.
  • Variants for the PIC24/dsPIC33 are available for the Microchip XC16 and the CCS PCD compilers.

These serial bootloaders enable the downloading of new firmware to the respective Microchip family of microcontrollers via a serial interface. The package includes the following:

  • Serial Bootloader Source code
  • PC Bootloader Application

The Encrypted versions of the bootloader also includes:

  • PC XTEA Encryption Application binary image
  • PC XTEA Encryption Application source code (Visual C++ Express)
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Additional information

Compiler Source

CCS PCD, CCS PCH, Microchip C30, Microchip MPASM, Microchip XC16


Standard, Encrypted