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Brush Electronics Standard and Encrypted Ethernet Bootloaders for Microchip PIC18F97J60 family with embedded Ethernet controller, and PIC24/dsPIC33 families of Microcontrollers using the ENC26J60 or ENCx24J600 families of  external Ethernet controllers.

  • Variants for the PIC18F97J60 family and variants are available for the Microchip MPASM assembler.
  • Variants for the PIC24/dsPIC33 are available for the Microchip XC16 and C30 compilers.

These Ethernet bootloaders enable the downloading of new firmware to the respective Microchip family of microcontrollers via the network. The package includes the following:

  • Bootloader Source code
  • PC Bootloader Application binary image
  • PC Bootloader Application source code (Delphi)

The Encrypted versions of the bootloader also includes:

  • PC XTEA Encryption Application binary image
  • PC XTEA Encryption Application source code (Visual C++ Express)
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Additional information

Compiler Source

Microchip C30, Microchip MPASM, Microchip XC16


Standard, Encrypted


ENC28J60, ENCx24J600, PIC18F97J60 Family