Specializing in Real Time Data Acquisition and Telemetry and Software Development

Located In Perth, Western Australia, Brush Electronics specializes in hardware and software development of microprocessor based embedded systems including:

  • design and manufacture of specialized environmental monitoring, data telemetry and control systems
  • development of low power IoT solutions from sensor development / integration, signal processing, logging and data telemetry
  • supply, development and customization of standard and encrypted Bootloaders to enable the microcontrollers in embedded systems to be upgraded in-situ via various technologies such as Serial (TTL, RS232, RS485), Ethernet, SD/SDHC card, SPI, and I2C
  • FAT file system drivers for customers to embed in their own products
  • custom software development
  • integration with public cloud networks

Key design aspects of all Brush Electronics solutions is the delivery of systems featuring high availability and serviceability while ensuring the systems are easy to deploy and operate.

Taking availability into account at design time ensures the consistent capture and delivery of quality data. Several of Brush Electronics’ data logging and telemetry systems incorporate call home for service and the ability for new system software to be uploaded to remote systems irrespective of them being located in the outback or on the other side of the world.