Brush Electronics Software

Brush Electronics specializes in the development of microcontroller based products and technologies for real time data acquisition, logging and telemetry. As a consequence, we have developed a number of software drivers that we use in our own products. System developers can purchase these drivers and integrate them into their own products. The drivers, delivered as source code, can be readily modified by the developer to suit their specific application requirements. These drivers, unless specifically noted otherwise, are royalty free and the driver is licensed to the developer with a one-time licencing fee. 

All software products available from Brush Electronics are copyrighted. Brush Electronics software cannot be shared in source code form with any third party. Where a developer is legally obliged to deliver our software in source code form to a third party, then the third party MUST HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED their own license from Brush Electronics for our software. Please check the licensing conditions carefully. Brush Electronics software as well as content from this site cannot be published elsewhere without the express written permission of Brush Electronics.

Available drivers today include a FAT File System for Microchip Micro-controllers and Bootloaders for Microchip Micro-controllers.

FAT File System drivers for Microchip Microcontrollers

Need to add low cost storage to a Microchip PIC18F, PIC24 or dsPIC33 microcontroller?  SD/MMC and SDHC cards provide a low cost option for adding high capacity storage to a PIC Micro-controller with minimal I/O requirements. The SD/MMC Card File System driver is provided in source code form together with a sample application demonstrating how to use the drivers’ functions as well as demonstrating how to implement a DOS like command line interface.

A reference hardware design for a data logger utilizing SD/MMC for storage and implemented with an PIC24FJGA002 microcontroller can be found here. 

Bootloaders for Microchip Microcontrollers

A bootloader is an application that is installed on a micro-controller to enable the application software to be upgraded in the field without requiring a return to the service depot or factory. Companies that embed a bootloader into their products enable their field service personnel or end customers to be able to install new versions of the application software.

Brush Electronics has developed a family of bootloaders for the Microchip PIC18F, PIC24 and dsPIC33 families offering two classes of bootloaders, the encrypted bootloader and the standard (non-encrypted) bootloader.  Brush Electronics bootloaders are available for a diverse range of media types for bootloading the processor including RS232, RS485, RS422, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, SD and SDHC media.

In addition to offering a range of bootloaders, we develop and customise bootloaders to meet our customer’s specific application requirements. We also offer a customization service for configuring the bootloaders to customer specific hardware platforms and processor variants.